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Montreux Jazz TV

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Cette expérimentation nous a permis par la suite d'aller filmer d'autres concerts, notamment à l'Usine à Genève et au New Morning à Paris.

Every nights during Montreux Jazz festivals 2011 and 2012, concerts on the MJF Café stage were filmed to creat sessions, daily shows of the MJF TV. The production use to started in the afternoon with an interview of the artist, then the concert was filmed during the night and the editing was done the day after.

I edited the concerts in 2011 and filmed them with interviews in 2012. The project had a very experimental part. Syncronised filming with DSLR was more complexe than what it is today. The director didn't have any review of what we were doing and directed us depending of his vision and feeling of the concert. Were also viewing the sound-checks and previewing picture from previous concert of the band as pre-production process.

This experimentation allowed us to then film other concert, especialy at the "Usine" in Geneva and in the "New Morning" in Paris.