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Short fiction, , Cinematography
L'oeil cendre

Synopsis :
Fanny and Lise are in a couple for many years and seem to be victims of their routine. One night, a mysterious black object fall from the sky in their garden. Touching the object, both women endorse strange transformations in their eyes and will have to ask themselves how to live with it.

This 20 minutes short film represented different challenges. Intentions in terms of picture were to look for a "digital" black and white able to absorb a large palette of greyscale. This permitted to bring forward all the subtleties of a very soft light. That light equilibrate the frank borderlines outcoming from the digital sensor and the strong Zeiss optics.

Camera :
Sony FS7 MkII, Lenses Zeiss CP3.0

Outcome in summer 2021

L'oeil cendre
L'oeil cendre - Making of
L'oeil cendre