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Music clip, , Cinematography
Derrière les arbres, cinéma sauvage

In the night, a cacophony of poetry disturb a cold industrial area. One morning, the raw cinema of a forest wakes up. Both clips based on the improvised music from Michèle create various and strong universes. My role was to bring them into pictures.

‘Cinéma sauvage’ was illustrated with a wiggling camera an awakening in the middle of the forest. Colours with green and yellow tons bring up a musical and choreographic softness. It represents with elegance an organic mix between humans and nature.

At the contrary, ‘Cacophonie’ fixes straight and cold moods in a factory. Concrete and night envelop the visual in dark and contrasted tons.


Dans une cage de béton, Cacophonie
Michèle dans le clip Cacophonie
Caresser un arbre, Cinéma sauvage